Real Estate Transfers

KeysBuying and selling a home can be an exciting but confusing process. We look after all the details so you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your property is properly transferred (conveyed) and your interests are protected.

We work closely with all the stakeholders including: you, the other side’s legal representative, the realtors, the lender, the tax authority, the strata management company and the Land Title Office. As part of the process we will collect and review information about the property, negotiate appropriate closing undertakings, adjust for prepaid and unpaid expenses such as property taxes, prepare transfer and mortgage documents, execute the documents, receive and account for trust funds, register relevant documents in the Land Title Office, and prepare a final report.

The process to begin your real estate transfer is simple.

  1. CONTACT: Please email or call our office at 604.569.2779 to hire us and provide some basic information about your real estate deal.
  2. PREPARE: We will prepare all the documents to deal with the transfer and mortgage registration (if applicable) and to calculate the financials of the transaction.
  3. MEET: A few days PRIOR to the completion date we will need to meet to sign all the documents and to review the financials. Buyers will need to bring a bank draft for the final balance to complete.
  4. TRANSFER: We will advise you once the transfer is complete and follow-up by sending you copies of the relevant documents.