Personal Planning

road straightPersonal Planning refers to the creation of documents containing financial, legal and healthcare powers that will protect your interests now and in the future. These documents include Wills, Powers of Attorney, Representation Agreements, and Health Care Directives.

Getting your personal affairs in order brings great peace of mind to you and your loved ones. It helps you to solidify your intentions for the future and to ensure that the people and things that matter to you are looked after.

Personal Planning also makes it easier for others to administer your affairs if you are eventually no longer able to look after them for yourself.

Listed below are some of the personal planning documents you may wish us to prepare for you.

A Will is a document that leaves instructions about what you want done with everything you own at your death. A properly executed Will creates certainty about your intentions for the distribution of assets and personal effects and the guardianship of minor children. It designates who is responsible for carrying out your wishes (an executor) and covers other vital details such as funeral arrangements.

A Power of Attorney is a document that allows your attorney (the person appointed by you) to manage real estate, financial and legal affairs in your place. This is particularly useful if you become incapacitated due to physical or mental health problems, or in the event that you are out of town and unavailable.

A Representation Agreement is a document that allows your appointed representative to make personal and health care decisions for you in the event that you are incapable.

An Advance Directive is a document that describes what health care you do or do not want in the future if you become incapable and a health care decision needs to be made. Unlike a Representation Agreement, an Advance Directive does not appoint a person to act on your behalf.

The process to begin your personal planning is simple.

  1. CONTACT US: Please email or call our office at 604.569.2779 to book an interview appointment.
  2. PREPARE: We will ask you some initial questions and may provide you with additional information to help you more fully think about your intentions before our interview.
  3. MEET: We will meet with you to discuss your needs and intentions in more detail and answer any questions that you may have. After the interview meeting we will prepare the necessary documents, send you a copy for review and book an appointment for signing.
  4. SIGN: After you have reviewed the documents we will make sure that they are properly signed and witnessed.