Notarized Documents

Notary seal biggerA notarization is an official act performed by an impartial Notary Public that renders important documents as trustworthy. The notarization process facilitates trust in a civil society and prevents forged, coerced and incompetently signed documents from overwhelming our court system.

The notarization process often require the notary to examine the authenticity of a document, witness a signature, and verify the signer’s identity, willingness and intention. For Statutory Declarations and Affidavits the signer will need to swear that they have read and understood the document and that the contents are true. To falsely swear the accuracy of such a document is a criminal offence (perjury) and has the same serious consequences as lying in court.

Some examples of our notarization services include:


1st page notarizations: $40 ($35.71 plus tax)
Additional pages: $15 ($13.39 plus tax)
Notarizations at your home or office: call for a quote


  • These fees are for notarizing a document only — no legal advice is provided about their contents.
  • Additional fees apply if we need to draft the letter or affidavit that is to be notarized.

The process to get your documents notarized is simple.

  1. CONTACT US: Please email or call our office at 604.569.2779 to book an appointment.
  2. PREPARE: For certified copies bring the original document. For affidavits and oath declarations do not sign the documents in advance.
  3. BRING PHOTO ID:  Most notarizations require us to examine 2 pieces of government issued photo ID.